What Motherhood Has Taught Me About Focus

My daughter has taught me a lot about focus and how important it is in raising children…


Focus requires concentration.
Something I often lack.
Especially on during seasons of sleeplessness.

When I’m distracted I can often feel the tug of little hands
pulling me to better focus on what is more important.
My daughter takes me by the hand a leads me.
She holds my face between her hands.
“Look at me,” her wide eyes beg.

Oh, yes, little one.
Thank you for the reminder…

How long will we have these moments?
How often to we lose sight of what is right in front of us.
Our children need our attention.

Are you focused?


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  1. says

    What a very touching post! It just so nice to know that we mothers learn so many things in life the moment we already have a kid. I don’t really know the real reason although I have a hint that since being a parent is a duty all of us are obligated to give unconditional love which is very innate to us.


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