Wanted: Graceful Words


I bite my tongue.
Willing the words to move backwards.
I choke.
Striving to hold back an unkind statement,
Words that would not be graceful.
Full of grace.

I have to admit that often I fail to quench the desire to spew out graceless words. We all do… There are times that our words are not graceful.

We raise our voices in anger.
We speak out in frustration.
We open our mouths without thinking.

As Christian women we must strive to uplift others with our words. To exhort. Bless. Encourage. There should be life in our words.

“One who loves a pure heart and who speaks with grace will have the king for a friend.” –Proverbs 22:11

Our words should echo hope.

Let us strive to be women of grace in our speech. And let us begin with speaking gracefully to our families that often receive the most mistreatment when it come to our words. Will you join me in this?

When is the last time you spoke words of grace?


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    First I have to tell you I let out a little squeal when I saw we were neighbors over at #FMF today!

    And yes. amen to all of this! I’m striving to talk to others how my Savior talks to me. and friend, it’s nothing but grace-filled…so humbling.

    what a powerful 5 minute write!

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    Thanks, Jenni! It’s always such a good reminder just how much power our words have. Especially when dealing with children – they are great recorders, but not the best interpreters so words spoken in haste have the opportunity to shape a child’s belief of themselves. I figure so much of what we walk around believing about ourselves as adults is response to things spoken without grace. Thank you for your grace-filled words!
    Tobi recently posted..Happy Birthday to Me!My Profile

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      SO true, Tobi. I try to remind myself of this often when correcting my daughter. It can be difficult during frustrating moments. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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    I recently spent time with a woman who was not gracious in her words toward her husband — quite the opposite, in fact. I’m thankful for the very clear picture gave me of how I look and sound when I am not gracious, and I also saw the effect when she spoke that way to her husband… again. God is gracious to provide reminders like that just when I need them!
    Suzanne recently posted..God’s Goodness… expressed in His provisionMy Profile

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      Ah, yes… Sometimes we learn more from someones bad example. So glad you were able to use the situation as a reminder to speak with grace. Thanks for your comment, Suzanne!

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