The One Banned Book Every Person Should Read

Did you know September 30-October 6 is Banned Book Week? When I worked at the public library this was one of my favorite book promotions to do every year. Maybe because I’m a little bit of a rebel at heart…

There are several great classics that have frequently been banned or challenged. But there is one book that always fails to make it to the list, even though it is banned in over fifty countries and has been restricted in additional areas in the past.

Do you know what book I’m talking about?

banned book week

If you guessed The Holy Bible, you’re right!

While the Bible is the best selling book in history and has been translated into over 1200 languages and dialects, it is also the most hated book in the world. According to Voice of the Martyrs, there are over fifty countries/areas that are either restricted or hostile to the Gospel and Christianity.

Thanks to the freedom we have been blessed with in America (and any other liberated country you may be reading from), we have the opportunity to read and study the Bible as much as we want. But, how often do we take the time to do it?

    • How many mornings do we choose an extra hour of sleep instead of getting up for a quiet time?
    • How many minutes do we waste checking Facebook or Twitter instead of memorizing Scripture?
    • How many evenings do we watch television instead of praying for the persecuted church and other concerns?
    • How many days will go by before we give God’s Word the priority it deserves?

Are you feeling a little convicted? I sure am.

Psalm 119 is full of verses that testify to the importance of the Word of God and how we should desire and delight in it.

“Even though princes sit and talk against me,
Your servant meditates on Your statutes.
Your testimonies also are my delight;
They are my counselors.”
(Psalm 119:23-24)

Oh, that this would be our prayer! That the Word of the Lord would be on our hearts and minds daily. Let us strive to excercise our freedom to read these Words of Life. May we be enabled to stand for truth and justice in an ever-increasing hostile world.

Have you opened your “Banned Book” recently?


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      Stephanie, it can be so easy to get distracted! I struggle with this on a daily basis and needed this reminder just a much as every one else. Thanks for your comment!

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    This realization about how blessed we are to be able to read our Bibles really does put things in perspective, Jenni. I read mine nearly every day and feel “weak” when I don’t, but I probably also take God’s word for granted in this land of prosperity. I appreciate your encouragement in this!

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    It’s always so powerful to be reminded of how much a treasure the Bible is. These days, I find that the Holy Spirit is helping me understand more and more of Scripture. Even verses I knew before have become new and fresh and truly alive in my life ! Great reminder.
    Gertrude recently posted..The Shield of Faith (Part 3)My Profile

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    I’m reading Thomas Paine’s Common Sense right now – and so far so much of what he says he supports through biblical context – such a shame that Paine’s book probably wouldn’t be allowed in the public schools today – and as such, leave our children doubly uneducated about what freedom is on so many levels! Growing up, I never imagined our freedom of faith to be restricted – you make such a good point!
    bluecottonmemory recently posted..The Story Behind the Poem: Reading Blessing Like PoetryMy Profile

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    Jenni, this very thing has been so convicting to me for a while! Similarly, the issue of going to church. We take that freedom so for granted. We are just lazy. We miss church for every possible excuse, while there are people in other countries who risk their very lives and freedom everytime they fellowship with other believers.

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      You are so right about church! How often we forget what a privilege it is to be able to freely worship with other believers. Thank you for sharing this reminder, Crystal.

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    I love this! I am a children’s librarian and a Christian. So I love reminding parents who might question why the library has certain books in its collection – that The Bible is a banned and often challenged book as well. It so important to celebrate our freedom to read! So many people around the world do not have that freedom, and all too often we take it for granted. Thanks for sharing!
    Amy R. recently posted..Titus 2 Tuesday – Set-Apart Femininity – Part 1My Profile

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      Amy, I was in charge of the Young Adult section when I worked at the public library, so I completely understand what you are saying. Sometimes you have to walk a fine line to protect freedom of speech… Thanks for your comment!

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    What excellent thoughts on this…I didn’t know about banned book week. and, yes, I’m convicted, too!
    I’d love to talk with you about the library system sometime. I’m sure they aren’t all the same. Are there many believers who work there anymore or do you have to keep your faith to yourself for the most part? Our hometown library is very very liberal and brings in the most horrific books for all ages and will not put anything of a God-focused nature on the shelves…

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      That is so unfortunate about your library, Jacqueline! The library system in our area is very well-rounded, in my opinion. They definitely carry things I wish they wouldn’t, but also provide great Christian and homeschool resources. As far as believers, in the branch I worked at, there were quite a few Christians. The only restriction I can think of was with clothing. We weren’t allowed to wear anything with slogans or anything. But that was across the board, not only Christian sayings…

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    I love my Banned Book and open it daily. How shocking that it is Banned in so many countries. What a good post, Jenni. This is a favorite and needs to be spread around. Thanks for linking up at Wholehearted Home this week.
    Judith recently posted..PressedMy Profile

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    Today we were just talking about apathy and complacency, and how we don’t want to take ANY of the blessings God has given us for granted – like freedom to own a Banned Book! We must be vigilant to be thankful in All Things, whether in trials or blessings. And the only way we can do that is through the transformation that comes through the study of The Word of God. Thanks for reminding us again how blessed we are to have even ONE Bible in our homes – I know in my home we have at least 2 dozen, being a ministry home and place of refuge for the weary.
    Anne recently posted..Another reason I Still Call Austraila Home…My Profile


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