Removing Rust from Stainless Steel {Thrive @ Home Thursday}

Every once in awhile, my husband and I begin to notice rust stains on our stainless steel knives.  Always eager to avoid chemicals, I decided to try to find a natural cleaning solution to our problem. I found a few methods and gave them a try…

removing rust stains from stainless steel

3 Natural Cleaning Products for Removing Rust

  1. Vinegar. It’s been said that cleaning the spots with vinegar will help.  I tried this first and didn’t have any luck.  However, I wonder if soaking them in vinegar would do the trick…  I was too impatient to wait and see.
  2. Lemon Juice. I read conflicting advice on this one.  Some say that slicing a lemon (or using lemon juice) will help get rid of rust spots.  Others have said that stainless steel shouldn’t be exposed to a lot of citrus.  I didn’t try it, so I will led you decide on this one.
  3. Baking Soda. With this method, you make a thick paste of baking soda and water then scrub the rust away with a cloth or sponge.  I tried it and it worked great.  No more rust!  I was very pleased to have my spotless knives back again.

Obviously, preventing the whole rust situation in the first place is the preferred method.  There are a few other things to keep in mind while caring for stainless steel:

  • Avoid washing in the dishwasher. Hand washing and drying immediately is the preferred method.
  • Avoid using chlorine or other bleach cleansers.
  • Avoid cleaning with steel-wool pads (i.e. SOS pads, etc)


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  1. says

    Vinegar is good for so many things! You’ll need to soak it, but the baking soda is good for a lot of things as well. I have stainless steel cookware, and I’ve never heard about not putting it in the dishwasher. Thanks for the information.

    • says

      Glad this was helpful to you, Meghan! We have stainless steel cookware as well and always hand wash them. We haven’t had any rust issues with them.

  2. says

    What a great idea! Visiting from – found you on the Titus 2 Tuesday link up – hope you’ll come visit me too :)


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