Racing to Write

My mind races…

Quick, I have to write something in five minutes! How can I type enough words that encourage in 5 minutes?!?

It seems impossible.
I have writer’s block

My heart races…

Hands quiver over the keypad.
Yearning to stroke out lines of life, hope, and love.
What can I say?

I want you do know that you are loved deeply.
By your Creator.
Be me.
I want you to feel welcomed here.
As you are.
I want you to feel challenged.
Spurred to live fully.
To live called.

I am racing…
Against time.
To say something of value.

And now I must stop.


This post was inspired by Five Minute Friday, hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker.


  1. Tobi says

    I have yet to read your words and not experience you desire and passion for sharing Christ with others ~ writers block or not, He speaks His words through your desire. Thank you for living called, Sweet One.
    Tobi recently posted..RaceMy Profile

    • Jenni says

      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, Tobi. I often am amazed how God uses such imperfect words and actions of people to reveal Himself to others. What a blessing it is to be a part of that…

    • Jenni says

      You are so sweet, Nikki. That is my desire… and may it always be… Thank you for your kind comment. You are always such an encouragement to me!

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