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An Exciting Announcement + Thrive @ Home Link-Up

If you are part of my email newsletter or are an observant follower on Pinterest, you already know (or at least have guessed) my news… Our family (and my waistline) is going to be expanding! :)

pregnancy announcement

I’m officially 9 weeks today, which means we may get a Valentine’s Day baby! Wouldn’t that be fun? I will post baby bump picture periodically because I know some people enjoy those types of posts, but I will try to keep a balance and not flood the blog with pregnancy-related posts.

While I am extremely excited about welcoming another little Mullinix into the word, there’s this little thing called “morning sickness” that I’m dealing with right now. Well, more like ALL-day-I-can’t-leave-the-couch-sickness. If I lay still with my eyes closed, I don’t feel too terrible. But life with a toddler doesn’t really allow for that.

So, my very important question for you today….

How do you deal with morning sickness?


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The Thrive @ Home blog hop, hosted by myself and Audra Michelle, and Gospel Homemaking, is a place for women in all seasons of life to encourage one another to thrive – not just survive – in their roles at home. Be sure to review the guidelines and grab the button (on the sidebar) to add to your post before you link up. Also, we would love it if you would tweet about it using the #ThriveAtHome hash tag to connect with other Thrivers and spread the love!

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  1. Firstly, congratulations on your wonderful news!

    Sorry you have been suffering so badly, Jenni. I’m afraid I have no solutions as I didn’t suffer from nausea myself in any of my three pregnancies.

    That said after finding my first pregnancy a breeze my subsequent pregnancies were a lot harder and looking after other littlies whilst pregnant is tough. Get as much rest as you can and accept help without reservation would be my top tip.

    Blessings to you all.
    Mel Caldicott recently posted..How Come I End Up Sounding Like Such a Nag?My Profile

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a sneaking suspicion when you asked about the Boba!!!!!!! :-)
    Morning sickness – eat salt. Lots of salt.
    Stacy @Stacy Makes Cents recently posted..Trim Healthy Tuesday: Summer Stir Fry (E)My Profile

  3. Congratulations! I found keeping Saltines on my nightstand to be helpful. When I woke up, I would give myself a few minutes to lay there still & nibble slowly on a few. Most days, it seemed to help.
    Joanne Viola recently posted..Days of PersistenceMy Profile

  4. Congratulations! What a blessing! I’m also expecting (in December-a week before Christmas) Yay! I just finished having morning sickness……what helped me was just plain Hot Decaf Green Tea. I literally drank it 10 times a day! It helped though for the most part! Good luck and Blessings to you!

    • Thanks and congrats to you also! Hot tea does seem to be easier on my stomach than plain water. Will have to try green tea…

  5. Congrats!!! How very exciting! I’ve had my share of morning sickness, actually, more than my share! My pregnancy with my son brought over 5 months of feeling sick, and my pregnancy with my daughter brought only 4 months, but I felt much worse since I was also chasing an 18month around! I eat often, in small amounts, never letting my stomach get empty, also eating solids and liquids seperatly seems to help. My go tos are fruit smoothies (I crave sour/tart things when pregnant) and graham crackers (some days those are all I can eat).
    Good luck, I know how hard it is feeling awful and trying to take care of a little one, but in a few more months you get to snuggle that precious baby, so it’s all worth it :)
    Prayers to you for a safe pregnancy and delivery!
    Mo recently posted..Meal Plan Monday – July 8 2013My Profile

  6. Congrats! Love the announcement; so cute!

  7. Congratulations Jenni!! :)

    I pray the morning sickness passes soon!

    Thanks for hosting the linkup! :)
    Kelsey Ferguson recently posted..The Act of Self-Forgiveness: God’s AnswersMy Profile

  8. Congratulations on your precious baby, Jenni! Praying God’s blessings on the entire pregnancy, labor & delivery.
    Alisha Gratehouse recently posted..Comment on 25 Minutes a Day to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life by SueMy Profile

  9. Oh my goodness, Jenni! Congratulations! I’m so so happy for you. :)
    Rosann recently posted..The Day I Screamed at a GroundhogMy Profile

  10. Congrats!! We are expecting as well :) Number Five and due sometime in November…it certainly is an exciting time!
    For morning sickness: this time around I found some of these things helpful, as it was REALLY bad this time…:
    -ginger tea
    -ginger chews
    -suck on hard candy (I liked cinnamon!)
    -eating lots of snacks that were carb rich (not my usual choice, but kept the barfing at bay!)
    -my midwife recommended this tea called CALM, which is actually made up of magnesium, it seemed to help and I still take it to relax in the evenings.
    Hope you find something that works for you :)
    Rachael D recently posted..Last Post In Series: Mama, are you TOO busy??My Profile

  11. Yay!!! Congratulations! :) Protein… lots of protein and first thing when I woke up too!!!

  12. Congratulations! I hope the morning sickness passes quickly. My children are 16 month apart so I also had a baby/toddler when I was in the morning sickness phase with my 2nd. We took lots of naps together. My son didn’t mind the extra snuggle time at all. I also nibbled throughout the day and didn’t let my stomach get empty.

  13. Congrats! New babies are such a blessing! I’m currently 36 weeks along, and this pregnancy was the worst of my 3 for nausea. Eating frequently so my stomach was never empty helped, even though the thought of food grossed me out. There are also suckers for nausea that seemed to help a bit. I did end up finally getting a prescription, since the nausea was getting so bad that my 3 year old and 2 year old weren’t getting what they needed from me. I didn’t take it every day, but when it was bad, it was a life saver. Hope that helps!
    Jamie H @ coffeewithus3.blogspot recently posted..Blackberry PancakesMy Profile

    • Thanks! So far the prescription isn’t helping. I think I’m just gonna have to ride it out! At least there’s a nice prize at the end. :)

  14. Congratulations on your wonderful news. My Norwegian Artist and I were talking today about how children are God’s gift to this world, keeping us sane and showing us beauty, innocence, and grace. I am sorry for the morning sickness — I have heard that ginger helps, but it never sounds good to me when I’m nauseous. I do know this — avoid kale! I couldn’t even look at the plants when I was carrying my son.

    I am number 36 this week, Grocery Store Tip — Question the Bananas. When it comes to saving money, we can lose it all in the midst of the grocery store, so it’s best to ask ourselves the hard questions before we even get in the car — what do I really, really need? When raspberries are growing on 75 feet worth of plants in your garden, well, you don’t need bananas this week. Use what you’ve got — it’s more than you think.
    This Woman Writes recently posted..Waiting, and Waiting, and Waiting on GodMy Profile

    • Thank you! I agree. Children are a tremendous blessing and worth every sick day! I have to remind myself often. Thanks for linking up!

  15. Congratulations! I don’t know how I missed this news originally. How exciting! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  16. Hi Jenni,

    Congratulations on the new life growing with in you! Just wanted to let you know that I grabbed your button for Thriving @ Home and I am excited to do a link up in the upcoming weeks. I have never done a link up before, so I am not quite sure how it all works. I’ll do my best! :)

    Katie Oertle

  17. So very happy for you :))))))

    I will keep you and your morning sickness in my prayers! And prayers for that sweet little cutie you’re cooking too!
    Jenna@CallHerHappy recently posted..7 Quick Takes – Blog People are RealMy Profile

  18. Congratulations. I hope you are soon over your morning sickness. bless you!
    Gail @ recently posted..Today’s My BirthdayMy Profile

  19. WOW, congratulations Jenni! How are the other kids reacting?
    Crista recently posted..Clean-up After the Renters LeaveMy Profile

    • Thanks Crista! I’m not sure how much my daughter understands at two but she seems excited. She LOVES babies so I think she will transition well. :)

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