Mommy Brain: 10 Examples from My Life with a Toddler

Do you find yourself forgetting things? Or maybe doing odd things and you don’t know why? If so, you may be suffering from momnesia, also known as mommy brain. The fact that women tend to get a little forgetful after becoming a mom is no secret. While it can be frustrating at times, it is completely normal.

mommy brain

Today I thought I would share some humorous examples of mommy brain from my own life. I hope you enjoy the list and that laughing at my silly antics makes you feel a little bit better about your own mommy brain moments!

You Know You Have Mommy Brain When…

1. You blame your child for misplacing something just to find it somewhere she can’t reach.

2. You start to put the dishes away, get mad that they are still dirty, then realize you forgot to put soap in the dishwasher when you started it.

3. You leave the house with only one earring.

4. Your toddler is wearing her shoes on the wrong feet and you are the one that put them on.

5. You consistently have to change your meal plan because you don’t thaw the meat out in time.

6. You pack the diaper bag for an outing but fail to put diapers in it.

7. You realize in the evening that you’ve been wearing an article of clothing inside-out all day.

8. You pay rent twice in one month because you woke up in a panic thinking you forgot to pay it.

9. You forget that you closed the nursery door and run into it in the middle of the night while stumbling in a half-asleep stupor to nurse your baby.

10. You make a to-do list so you won’t forget to do things but can’t remember where you put it.

And the funniest thing is, several of these have happened in the past month! I blame most of it on sleep deprivation, but that’s just a part of being a mom. Right?

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Please assure me that I’m not alone and add your own mommy brain moments in a comment!

What is your most memorable mommy brain moment?


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  1. says

    Ha ha ha! I don’t quite remember why I did this…I think it was because my son was in time out or something, but I confiscated the TV remote (the one that changes the channels and turns the converter box on and off- you basically can’t watch TV without it) and I put it “in a safe place”. Well, it wasn’t until later on that day that we realized it was missing. The fact that it was missing did not even *kind of* ring a bell for me, I just thought it was lost in the sofa or some other place it likes to hide. So it was missing through our date night (Grammy couldn’t watch TV while she was babysitting), through Sunday football games (no football for the hubby)…for an entire week (maybe longer). Until one day when my husband was looking for something on our desk, and he pulls out the remote with a bewildered look on his face like “what is *this* doing here?!” And then I remembered. 😛

    I blame sharing important nutrients with little people. Personally, I’ve been either pregnant, nursing or both for the past six years. When I see my babies learning so much, it makes all the mommy antics worth it. Hee hee.
    Becky recently posted..The SowerMy Profile

  2. says

    I apologize for the previous comment. I have a broken arm and am using the dictation program on my computer. I made the massive faux pas of not reading before submitting. It should read:

    Oh my goodness this is my life! I do indeed have a very horrible mommy moment where I had to apologize profusely to my son for yelling at him!
    Kay recently posted..Top Ten Adult FetesMy Profile

  3. says

    What a funny list, Jenni! I love it. And I love it because it reminds moms that they are okay … that what they are going through is normal. What a comfort you’ve given us, my friend. Thanks for reminding me of the good “old” days–for me, that is! 😉

  4. says

    Ok, Jenni and all the other young moms, I have BAD news for you. You’ll have about 10 good years, and then PREmenopause will start to rear its ugly head and you will start doing all the same things you listed (minus nursing the baby) all over again! Hormones are not our friends. :( Then, from what I hear, we’ll have another good 10 years or so until Alzheimers sets in . . . even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!
    Lori Slice Hatcher recently posted..When God is LateMy Profile

  5. says

    Awwww C’mon ladies….these things NEVER happened to me!! And peri-menopause was a breeze (ha!!) in which I NEVER forgot a thing!!

    Just don’t ask my kids:

    1. Where I left my grocery list each week when I went shopping!!
    2. What I came upstairs to get!!
    3. Why I called the dog instead of one of my kids!!
    4. Where I left my glasses last!! (I don’t wear them much)
    5. Why I hook my car keys to my purse (after loosing them in the house or worse yet in the van)
    6. If I ever went out with a different style shoe on each foot!!
    7. If I ever put one of my children’s passports away so securely that I forgot where it was!! (See the forgetfulness gets into bigger issues!!)
    8. If I always forgot where I hid something; but ALWAYS remembered a promised consequence if they disobeyed!!
    9. If they were able to cause me to digress when I was homeschooling them because they started talking about something unrelated (on purpose!!)
    10. If I can cry about two or three things at once because that many emotional thoughts are going through my MOMMY BRAIN!!

    Thanks Jenni for linking up this week over at WholeHearted Home :-)
    Judith recently posted..Have You Ever Felt Like a Failure? LINKUP #12My Profile

  6. says

    I have been doing this all the time. My husband needs to read this because he thinks I am crazy sometimes. I have lost my cell phone charger and my business debit card just last week! I loved the one about the diaper bag, I do that one all the time! Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!
    tulip recently posted..Magic Motivators: SprinklesMy Profile

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