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Learning to Let Go

5635199312_f4afc3c5e6_zTiny hands wildly grasp and a temper ensues.
My daughter is a spirited child that loves to explore.
She finds ways to get into everything she’s not supposed to.
When she’s found out, her fists hold tightly to whatever she has.

Looking at her, I can get angry.
But then I realize…
She is a picture of me.

I am clinging.
To my dreams of how I think life should be.
To my desires for success.
To my longing for acceptance.
To my ideas, expectations and ways.

When what I need to do is
Just. Let. Go.

What do you need to release to God today?


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  1. I can SO relate! I sometimes hold on to things that I should let go…I know exactly where you are coming from. Isn’t it lovely that we can learn something so valuable from your children? At least I think so.

    Mary recently posted..A mother’s love…My Profile

  2. Beautifully written.
    denise recently posted..Five Minute Friday/GraspMy Profile

  3. The image you describe of your daughter is the same image I know I reflect when I have something that I know I should let go but don’t or won’t. You would think as adults we would have learned this lesson by now!
    Mindy @ New Equus – A New Creation recently posted..It’s all a crazy blur! (Five Minute Friday)My Profile

  4. “but then I realize she is a picture of me”
    How much children teach and reveal to us in our own journey.
    It was great to be at the fmf party last night and discuss our introverted/extrovertedness :)

  5. Letting go — why is that so hard?? It seems everyday there is something new that I need to be mindful of and let go. Letting go with you today . . .
    Positively Alene recently posted..grasping 31 days and letters of anonymity.My Profile

  6. Thomas has started throwing things in anger whenever he doesn’t get his way. Hard times in parenting! I guess it’s really only the beginning. That’s something to let go: my preconceived notions of what my child will be like. Taking his struggles as they come and helping him learn through them. I do believe my little boy and your little girl would have a fantastic time together. We however, would be exhausted after!
    Mary Beth recently posted..Five Minute Friday:Grasp and a Guest PostMy Profile

    • Oh, goodness, we would be so tired! But I think it would be worth it. We would just have to take them somewhere they can run around and burn off all that energy. lol

      Claire has started throwing things as well. If she has something she isn’t supposed to and I ask her to give it to me, she throws it. Maybe it’s just a stage they go through at this age…

  7. Wonderful. I just held my three-day old new granddaughter yesterday. I can’t wait until I can hold her and watch her grasp for my finger with her tiny hand. Awful hard to think about letting that little hand go some day. Letting go is such a tough thing to do. Maybe it’s so tough because the blessings God shows us when we do let go are so much more awesome than if we would have held on. Thanks for posting.
    Steven Sawyer recently posted..Can You Grasp God’s Love?My Profile

    • Oh, how precious! I hope you get to hold her again soon. And, I agree… God often has wonderful things in store for us if we would just let go! Thanks for your comment, Steven.

  8. I love your interpretation on the prompt. That was my first thought. I grasp too much. Hold on too much. I need to let go. Great writing.
    Jamie@SouthMainMuse recently posted..Holding on. Or letting go?My Profile

  9. Very insightful post! I went toe to toe with my little mini-me last night. She’s 9 yrs. old and knows every single button to push, so I must let go of the need to “diffuse” the situation and just listen. Let her steam over and then it will be gone as quickly as the flare up came. Kids are such great mirrors aren’t they?
    Linda Kinsman recently posted..Fall, One of the Happiest Seasons of AllMy Profile

  10. Love your take on “grasp”. To let go, I must trust. Trusting, I’ve found, is more difficult that imagined.
    Beautiful words!
    Stefanie Brown (@stefanieybrown) recently posted..Five Minute Friday: GraspMy Profile

    • Stephanie, it’s amazing how difficult it can be to trust God when we know that He is completely in control of everything! I think we forget that sometimes…

  11. Great post! This one is going to make me do some serious praying and pondering today!

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