How to Control Your Temper {Thrive @ Home Thursday}

Do you ever struggle to keep your temper under control in times of discord with your children or husband (or anyone else, for that matter). Here’s something I’ve begun to do…

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My toddler is a little obsessed with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. She watches it almost every day and has just about all the songs memorized. One of songs is about taking a deep breath when you are upset.

“When you get so mad that you want to ROAR,
Take a deep breath and count to four.”

We’ve been using the deep breath method of calming down since before I had heard about Daniel Tiger. We count to three and then take a deep breath. It seems to work in most cases and is something that Claire asks to do when she is crying. She always want me or my husband to breathe with her at least the first time.

Awhile ago I became visibally frustrated with her and she informed me I needed to take a deep breath. Her suggestion sparked a bit of irritation because I took it as an additional sign of disrespect. However, I realized that she was trying helpful and that she was right. I needed a few seconds to calm down. Taking a breath allowed me to respond the the situation properly–with love and grace. Since then, I’ve been trying to remember to use this technique myself to avoid over-reacting to a difficult situation.

So, if you find yourself on edge and about to ROAR… Take a deep breath, Mama.


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    Such wise advice. When my children were younger, I used to go in my room & shut the door for just a few minutes so I would not yell. They came to learn what it meant when I headed to my room and when I came out, they were truly sorry for acting up. Such a better method than saying something that is often regretted later.
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