8 Housekeeping Shortcuts That Keep Me Sane

Last week I mentioned that I have recently modified my cleaning standards for our home. As a mama of little ones, I have also learned to take some shortcuts when it comes to housekeeping. Some of these has seriously saved my sanity at times.

housekeeping shortcuts

My Sanity-Saving Housekeeping Shortcuts

1. I DON’T Make Beds – Before kids, I used to make my bed every morning–complete with pretty throw pillows and all. Now I toss the blankets somewhat neatly over the bed and call it done. With the many (almost) sleepless nights I’ve had since becoming a mom, I take naps when I need them, so it seems pointless to do any more than that.

2. I DO Use a Dishwasher – I really don’t like using the dishwasher, but I realized that I can’t keep up with the dishes if I don’t. Several months ago, I finally decided to give myself some grace and stopped hand washing my dishes. Maybe someday I will take it back up, but for now, I run the dishwasher almost every night to avoid platters piling up in the sink.

3. I DON’T Fold Laundry – At least not all of it. Laundry is a family affair, which means little hands are often helping. We don’t fold the kids’ clothes, so they can be thrown in the appropriate drawer by a “big helper”. Also, I don’t do my husband’s laundry. He does it himself on one of his days off. He likes it that way and I do too!

4. I DO Use a Cleaning Routine – My house would be a disaster and I would be lost without some sort of cleaning routine. I have determined pretty easy-going cleaning standards for this season of life and have changed up when and how I clean since writing my book, but my housekeeping routines keep me on track most of the time.

5. I DON’T Do It All Myself – As I mentioned before, my husband helps out around the house. He does his own laundry and is usually the one that ends up sweeping and moping floors. He also helps with the dishes, meals and other homemaking tasks at times. When my children are older and can help out more, they will have daily and weekly chores. Also, in certain seasons (a.k.a. pregnancy, postpartum, etc.), I accept help from friends and family when they offer.

6. I DO Declutter the House Often – Decluttering is high on my list of housekeeping priorities because the less stuff you own, the less you have to clean. I am continually evaluating what we use and/or need and try to get rid of whatever doesn’t make the list.

7. I DON’T Compare My Home to Others – At least I try not to. Comparison robs us of joy and contentment. I remind myself that everyone’s lifestyle and situation is different. This helps me avoid becoming upset that my house isn’t as clean as one person’s and takes away the temptation to become prideful when I view my house as more organized than another.

8. I DO Give Myself (and My Family) Grace – This is absolutely crucial in keeping my sanity sometimes. As a recovering perfectionist, a messy house can often become a source of frustration. I like things clean and neat with everything in it’s place. Obviously, a house with small children is a usually a far cry from orderly. I am learning to let it go and focus on my relationship with my husband and enjoy my children instead of worrying about the state of our house.

While your situation may be different than mine, I hope you will be able to implement some of these ideas to create a more peaceful atmosphere in your home. I would love to read about the housekeeping strategies you use to stay sane. Please share in a comment!

What are some shortcuts you take in your home?


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  1. says

    I loved reading this, Jenni! I’m sort of a perfectionist myself. Unmade beds and dirty kitchens bug me, but I know that I’m not going to always be able to do it all after I become pregnant and have a baby and am going to have to just give myself grace. I’m going to have to come up with my own do’s and don’ts. :)
    Jane @ Devoted SONriser recently posted..21 Dates With God: While DrivingMy Profile

  2. Morah Sanchez says

    Thanks for posting this, some of what you said I needed to hear ( comparing to others homes ); sometimes it seems impossible keeping up with all the household duties! But I’ve realized now I’ve got to take it easy, and not try to clean everything all the time. One simple trick I just did with my kids (two boys) was to have them share a room and create a playroom in the other room, to cut down on cleaning toys in two rooms! Made my life a little easier :) thanks again…I follow you on Pinterest by the way.

    • says

      Glad this post was a blessing to you. Our girls will share a bedroom too once the baby moves out of our room. Our playroom is in what should be the formal dining room. Thanks for your comment!


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