Biblical Encouragement for the Season of Sleepless Nights


Can I be real with you for a moment? I’m going to pour my heart out….

I am tired.

And not in a “stayed up too late last night” kind of way. More of a getting up every couple hours every night for over a week tired. A rocking my sniffling, congested babe for hours to help her sleep weariness. The kind of exhaustion that causes a mama to fall asleep in the chair while nursing her little one.

T I R E D.

I awaken, bleary-eyed and groggy, dreading the start of another day. One that involves chasing after an active toddler, fixing meals, cleaning, laundry, running errands. And on and on….

Perhaps you are enduring sleepless nights as well. If so, be encouraged that you are not alone.

One thing that has helped me persevere through this difficult season of sleeplessness is prayer. I am so thankful that we can come to the Lord at any time of the day or night and have confidence that He is listening to every cry of the heart.

“Arise, cry out in the night, as the watches of the night begin; pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord” –Lamentations 2:19a

Not only does God hear our prayers, but He gives us the strength we need to continue walking in His will. Our Savior helps us carry our burdens and rise above our adversity.

The following passage has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember, but it is especially meaningful to me right now.

“Do you not know? Have you not heard?
The Lord is an eternal God, the creator of the whole earth.
He does not get tired or weary; there is no limit to his wisdom.
He gives strength to those who are tired;
to the ones who lack power, he gives renewed energy.
Even youths get tired and weary;
even strong young men clumsily stumble.
But those who wait for the Lord’s help find renewed strength;
they rise up as if they had eagles’ wings,
they run without growing weary, they walk without getting tired.”
–Isaiah 40:28-31–

What a blessing it is to know that the Lord will daily renew our strength and energy if we will lean on Him. So, if you are weary today, I pray that you will find rest and strength in the loving arms of Christ.

How do you cope when you don’t get enough sleep?


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    • Anna says

      Me too! My little one is 20 months old now and he wakes every few minuits throughout the night. Im exhausted but also discouraged. Why wont God help him sleep?

  1. says

    What a great reminder… Our baby is 12 weeks old!! I nap every chance I get… and let a lot of housekeeping chores go. I found a wall hanging that says, “A house becomes a home when you can write “I love you” in the dust.” How true!! Loving my family is more important than cleaning my bookshelves :) I’ve come to terms with thanking God for this blessed season of my life where I can get away with this mess!!
    Kristen @ Trial & Error Homemaking

  2. says

    Oh sister, I am that kind of tired!! But I discovered that some of my sweetest times with God are during those early {way way early} morning feedings. I know I am going to crawl back in bed for an hour before the rest of the tribe awakens and I know that it is going to be my quietest time of day, when I can hear Him the best. The longer my baby is sleeping, the more I am realizing I will miss those quiet times with God. Thank you for this post, I love Isaiah 40 as well, it speaks to my soul!
    Amber recently posted..The Fight {choosing love}My Profile

  3. says

    “Coping” with no sleep. Hmm? I am not sure if being on edge and yelling would really be called “coping” :0). It is not that I respond that was ALL the time. But I did do that often when my kids were still young enough to need so much of my tired attention. When I ask them now at 20,18,15,14 if they recall me yelling a lot when they were younger, they said not really…just the times I was completely irrational…like letting them go out in the snow and telling them they cannot throw snowballs at each other 0_0. i was NOT physically tired then though; I was emotionally spent from the complaining of “HE threw snow in my face on purpose”!

    Those nights of waking 2,3,4 times in the night were rough only the first 7 years :0). All kidding aside, it is great you use that time for prayer! i often did the same. I often tried to nap when they napped—or had mandatory “quiet/room” time after lunch :0).

    It is true these days will pass so quickly, you just never think that…until they are over :0). Hope you have a great night for a few nights this week :0)! Hope the little one feels better!
    Donna recently posted..Take/Put It Off Tuesday!My Profile

  4. says


    I had a baby with chronic ear infections, and we spent many a night in the rocking chair — me not sleeping so she could. . . during those times I came upon Isa 40:11 — “He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.” This sweet, sweet picture of Jesus gently leading me, one of “those that were with young,” was priceless. HE KNOWS and HE CARES. visiting from Be Not Weary (Galatians 6:9), which is my encouragement to you today :)
    Lori Slice Hatcher recently posted..Terrorists Hijacked My Sister’s BirthdayMy Profile

  5. says

    this couldn’t be more relevant for me, jenni. b/c i’m recovering from a health crisis that began 2 yrs ago, & started with my being awake for about 72 hrs straight. not b/c of some grand adventure, not b/c of some selfless act of love as a mom or friend. simply b/c my adrenals were thrown into overtime & would not let my body rest. and then it left my body in a state where i literally could not walk and not faint. (actually, it was worse than that — couldn’t even sit w/o fainting.) so you can only imagine the depth of meaning that passage in isaiah has taken on for me.
    and while my sleep has remained a big, big issue since then, the Lord has been so very gracious to me. b/c He has indeed renewed SO much strength. i CAN now walk & not faint. (i can even drive again!) and He has offered my body much healing, for which i am so, so grateful.
    even better than that, He has offered me Himself every step of the way. the gift of His presence, the gift of His grace, & the gift of coming to a deeper understanding that this life is all about depending on Him & not ourselves. these lackings, these struggles, these sleepless nights — they are all intimate invitations to cling to the Cross. and i’m finally starting to accept the invites.
    tanya @ truthinweakness recently posted..six wordsMy Profile

  6. says

    I don’t cope well without sleep and the season of early childhood was a tough one for me. I try to take cat naps during the day to get through and the main thing, not be too hard on myself about getting things done. It just makes me more grumpy. Hope you get a window of rest.
    Shelly Miller recently posted..You Make A DifferenceMy Profile

    • says

      I finally took a nap today! Often sleeping during the day makes me feel worse, but it helps when I get extremely tired. Thanks for your comment, Shell.

  7. says

    Hey there – coming to you via Joy in this journey.

    It’s really interseting – I have M.E. (sometimes known under the umbrella term of chronic fatigue syndrome). So i can definitely relate to feeling tired, but at the same time not relate as well. My illness is such that i have a very short battery life, and often my muscles stop working. I get tired as one of the symptoms I feel, but because I know that it is an illness that i need to be careful with, i have to rest – i have no choice. Which means that other people have to take over the looking after of my baby.

    There are lots of things I hate about this situation, but the one thing it is really good for is getting help when I need it. I have to get help, and people recognise that I need help with looking after my boy. But then I see my other mummy friends and I ache for them because I see the effects of night after night of sleep deprivation which, let’s face it, is a form of torture. It’s SO hard.

    Frankly, i’m just in awe that you can even get the brain energy together to think about praying or remembering Bible verses!

    I love that Is 40 passage, and also ps 121 – the Lord does not slumber or sleep and watches over us and our children when we are too tired to do so ourselves.

    Much love to you.
    Tanya Marlow recently posted..Tuesdays are for honestyMy Profile

    • says

      Tanya, thank you for being so open and honest by sharing your story! I honestly have a difficult time asking for help, which is something that I am striving to learn. God is faithful even when I forget or refuse to call on Him or ask of others. Love the verse you shared as well. Thank you for your encouraging comment!

  8. says

    Honestly… that scripture is a little bit difficult for me to be encouraged by when I’m feeling truly weary. I’m not a mother so that kind of weariness is something I’ve not yet experienced, but travel weariness, over-worked weariness… I want to feel bright and cheery and energetic! Not so dependent on God to hold me up. I suppose that’s just pride on my part, and so I appreciate your ability to trust and will seek to learn from that!
    Kati Woronka recently posted..who does the cooking?My Profile

    • says

      Thank you for your honesty, Kati! I can identify with how you feel. So often we want to be able to do everything on our own. We don’t want to appear to be weak. However, any strength or control we think we have in any situation is only through God. I have to remind myself of this truth often.

  9. says

    What a fitting verse. I don’t even know at this point. If it’s been a really tough day, I try to find an activity for the toddler, like a puzzle, and just sit with the little one and let him pull my hair, otherwise, just try to get through the days and manage at best as possible.

  10. says

    I’m like Mindy. When I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t cope well. It’s something I am well aware of and take great efforts to prevent. But, with a child, sometimes you just can’t help it. When we have a season like that, I give myself lots of grace with the other chores and catch naps and rest when I can. And I make myself go to bed early. Praying y’all get to feeling better soon! Thanks for linking up!
    Mary Beth recently posted..t{squared} How Can I Know God?My Profile

    • says

      Going the bed early and taking naps… I’m so bad about those. But I’m getting better and making myself rest when I need to. I really hate the fact that my body needs sleep to function! lol

  11. says

    I haven’t been that kind of tired in a long time, but I have been that tired. I would just try to get through the day and go to bed early! Now I drink lots of coffee…but when I was nursing, I stayed away from caffeine. That was tough!
    Ginny Marie recently posted..Just 5 or 10 minutes…My Profile

    • says

      Oh, yes. Coffee is out of the question… unless I’m really desperate and succumb to a decaf latte. However, I try to stay away due to nursing and the fact that caffeine gives me heart palpitations. Thanks for your comment, Ginny!

    • says

      Emily, I struggled with insomnia before I became a mom… I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t care to sleep more than I truly need! Glad this post was a blessing to you. Thank you for your encouraging words!

  12. says

    This post really speaks to me today. I have never had a great sleeper and I am not a good sleeper so combined I am so sleep deprived. I am also a working mom which makes it even harder since it is hard to safely commute when you can’t keep your eyes open. I needed to find this post today and God led me to it. I look forward to reading more.
    Melissa Ryan recently posted..Post it Note Holder CraftMy Profile

  13. Amanda says

    I was looking for some inspiration, and I have found it. Thank you for sharing. I am a mother of 3. My oldest is 8 and my two youngest are 20 months and newborn. The 20 m old is going through growing pains and my newborn has acid reflux, so I’m up A LOT at night, and don’t get a lot of chances to nap. I find myself praying to Him all the time to give me strength and patience. It helps a lot, however, I needed some extra today. Thanks again. Too often we feel alone in this walk and must remind ourselves that He is carrying us and this too will pass and we will be wishing to go back.

    • says

      Amanda- Girl, you are not alone! I think that is one of the lies that satan whispers in our ear to discourage us when we are struggling. So happy to read that this post was an encouragement to you. Praying you continue to find strength in The Lord during this time! He is there for you and you are doing a great job as a mom!

  14. Amy G says

    Dear Jenni,

    I have stumbled upon your website after Googling “prayer for a sleepless baby.” I was wondering if you would please pray for my baby girl (6 months). She used to sleep fairly well but has recently been getting up nearly hourly and wanting to nurse for comfort for half an hour or more each time. I have lost energy, joy and patience and it is taking its toll on my family, especially my 3 year old son. I am nearly ready to resort to letting her cry it out but when we try that (out of desperation) she ends up frantically screaming and vomiting. Needless to say, we are in a bit of a crisis as a family. I know I don’t know you, but I would greatly appreciate your prayers; prayers from someone who understands. This too shall pass, I pray (and soon I hope!).


    • says

      Amy, I am honored to join you in prayer! It sounds like we are in a similar season. The toddler I wrote about in this post is now 3 years old and I am currently getting up several times a night with my 7 month old. Oh, it is such a difficult and wearisome time, but it won’t last forever! Praying that you find strength in the arms for God and that whatever sleep you do receive will give you the energy to serve your family. God bless!


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