A Frugal Idea for Saving Money & Creating Memories

saving money

Collecting change.
Quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies.

Coins in a jar waiting to be used.
Memories waiting to happen.

My husband and I collect change. This tradition began shortly after we were married. All of our extra money was going to pay of a couple loans we had. My husband came up with the idea to put all of our change in a jar at the end of the day. Or week. Or whenever we had any. The idea was to save it up for a year and use the money to do something special for our anniversary.

The tinkling of the metal every time we added more reminded us of our goal. Our hopes. Our dreams. The anticipation was thrilling.

By the end of the year, we had quite a bit of money. More than expected. A huge blessing. We bought a glider for the arrival of our little one. And then went out for a nice steak dinner. We created memories and continue to do so.

How do you save money on a tight budget?


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    We do this with our kids. We actually just started a “Disney Fund.” I’m using an old pasta sauce jar and every time we find some loose change I have my son put it in the Disney Fund. He loves it. We are hoping to take them to Disney World in the next two years and I feel like this is showing the kids the whole idea of saving up to meet a goal.
    Joanie @ Simple Living Mama recently posted..Comment on Preparing for Baby’s Birth – Preparing Older Siblings by JoanieMy Profile

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      I think it’s great that you involve the kids in saving for your trip. What a fun way to instill an important life lesson. Thanks for sharing, Joanie!

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    My daddy puts all of his change in a big bucket that popcorn comes in at Christmas. I remember in high school, we had a bad storm and no electricity for a week. I sat there and rolled all his coins…I had about $300 when I finished. Took myself on a nice shopping trip. :)
    Mary Beth recently posted..Five Minute Friday: ChangeMy Profile

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    perptually catching up as always bella, but oh how I enjoy reading your posts – my husband is great at saving change, then I end up using it :(

    butttttt, I have figured out the extreme couponing thing, and oh my goodness, I am absolutely amazed at how much money we’ve been saving these last 4 weeks…unbelievable. Just the other day I scored $300 worth of important household items for $14 at one store, and $120 worth of important household items for $20 at another. I am thanking God for the provision and have taught a few people how to do it. They have successfully done the same thing. Yay God!
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      So glad to hear that couponing has been a blessing to you. I have tried a few times, and can’t seem to get the hang out it. I understand the concept, but is a challenge to put it into actions. Half the time I end of forgetting about the coupons at the register. Ha! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and how God is providing for your family.


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