5 Foods You Can Cross Off Your Grocery List Forever

Did you know that there are items on your grocery list that you could stop buying completely? In her book, Your Grocery Budget Toolbox, Anne Simpson shares that you can eliminate the following popular products from your diet in order to stretch your grocery budget.

saving money on groceries

Stop Buying These 5 Foods to Save Money

  1. Juice. Even 100%, all-natural, organic juice. It’s very high in sugar and is just not essential to your diet. Your whole family will be healthier if you replace the juice with water.
  2. Sour Cream. Plain yogurt can do all the same things sour cream does, so why buy two different products when one will work just as well?
  3. Soda. Do I even need to say anything else?
  4. Cold Cereal. We all know the sugary kids’ cereals are bad for us, and hopefully you’ve already eliminated those from your diet. But even the healthiest cereal – which are more expensive – are generally full of sugar and over processed ingredients. There are lots of other quick breakfast options: smoothies, toast, hot cereal, fried eggs, and frozen homemade pancakes, waffles, or muffins.
  5. Boxed (and Bagged) Junk. You know: chips, cookies, snack mix, crackers, etc. etc. All non-essential, and reserved for special occasions only.

{Excerpt from Your Grocery Budget Toolbox}

Although I don’t do it all the time, I have found that avoiding these grocery items is not only good for your budget, but for your body as well. Who can argue against saving money and eating healthier?


Buy the Book at a Discount

If you would like more great ideas on how to stretch a dollar on quality food, I highly recommend Your Grocery Budget Toolbox.Although Anne and I disagree about Aldi (I love that place!), I found her book to be full of great information and ideas.

This ebook is a wonderful resource for creating a budget you can stick to, simple ways to save money on quality food, how to develop a price book, understanding price caps and more. There are also several tasty looking recipes included that are both healthy and cheap as well as quick and easy.

Anne has graciously offered a $1 off discount code to all of you. Simply use the code called when purchasing.

What are you waiting for? Start saving money on your groceries now!

In what ways do you save money on your grocery bill?


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  1. says

    We buy in bulk for saving money. Most of the items mentioned are not on our list. The bulk idea fails though when we purchase the huge bag of chocolate chips.

    I have to say that ‘juice’ is something moms should never get their babies started on. Most of it is sugar and not even pure fruit.

    • says

      That’s a great way to save money, Donna. I do that with meat since my parents own a farm. We just stocked our freezer with whole chickens this past weekend! :)

  2. says

    I completely agree although my kids love all 5. When they go to a family member’s house, they get all the juice and junk they can handle, but at our house, we only drink water and the occasional soda for special treats. We also use plain yogurt instead of sour cream; it’s healthier! And cereal is not something I ever buy. It’s just loaded with sugar.

    Visiting from The Better Mom. Love your site!


    • says

      I’m still trying to get my husband to switch over to plain yogurt instead of sour cream. I don’t think it will happen. I do use it as a sub when cooking though! :)

  3. says

    We just cut soda out of our diet completely! That’s a nice savings each month! We don’t use plain yogurt for anything at this point, so sour cream is still my friend! Have you tried making cream cheese from yogurt? It’s very easy and pretty good. I blogged about it with directions and pictures awhile back.

    • says

      Audra, I haven’t made cream cheese from yogurt. I will have to keep that in mind the next time I need it for a recipe. Thanks!

  4. says

    Thank you for these suggestions! We have really been looking for a way to cut-out cold cereal, and I am writing down your ideas to use. I especially liked the frozen homemade pancake idea. My kids will definitely be thanking you!

  5. says

    Amen to the juice! I would love to stop buying it, but my husband seems to think that his breakfast isn’t complete without a small glass of juice. So…I submit.

  6. says

    We have given all but the soda up. We still buy 2 liters every Friday as a treat. When it’s gone, it’s gone. I don’t miss anything else. I also save money buying dried beans instead of canned. It takes some planning to get them cooked in time for supper, but it’s worth it!

  7. says

    We don’t do soda and I try to limit the cereal but I need to get better about the other things, particularly the snacky stuff. I’m reading Jen Hatmaker’s book Seven and it’s making me want to cut down on a lot of stuff, not just food.

  8. says

    I NEED to cut out the cereal. My kids love it, and it is tempting because it is so convenient, but I know with some planning ahead I can do better with our breakfast foods.

    You are so right about the junk. I find it funny how I sigh about higher priced blueberries for example, but then I will spend a few dollars on … bagged air and chemicals?! I’ll put the bags back and get the blueberries, thank you very much!


  9. says

    How do we save on our grocery budget?
    We buy in bulk items that are on sale that we know we will use. We have now gone back to basics and are trying our hand at making delicious home made meals which I showcase on my blog. We use coupons but not like we used to as we have years worth of laundry soap, deoderant, shampoo etc.We also check all the discounted rack for cheaper produce, meats and dairy. We also post our shops at The Grocery Game Challenge weekly so we can track our grocery expenses outside of a conventional spreadsheet. We post them so our fans see what out weekly budget is for 2 $64 and how much we spent, coupons used, and did we go over our under the budget. We have since gotten many fans involved all of whom saying posting their shops have helped curb their tendencies to buy random items at the shop. They stick to the budget, stick to the list and do their best every week to keep on top of finding areas to improve their budget.

  10. says

    I’ve been trying to cut my grocery bill. It seems like prices just keep going up and up. I might need to start extreme couponing of something. I really like all of these ideas, I just need to have more self control. I think the biggest thing that saves me money at the grocery store is to never go shopping on an empty stomach. :) Thanks for linking up at Mom’s Library!

  11. Julie says

    I can inhale orange juice. It is like crack to me. But immediately after I drink it, I crash —- my blood sugar sky-rockets and then I want to go to sleep. So I don’t drink it. Instead I drink water and eat oranges and grapefruit and am MUCH healthier !

  12. Angie says

    Soda and juice is a special treat in our home. We are currently working on switching to yogurt, but we all love sour cream. The snacks and cereal are the hardest. I buy whole grain and low sugar, but we are working on slowly getting rid of those too.

  13. says

    I’ve come to the same conclusion on all but one of your suggestions. Though I know there are healthier breakfast items, I just can’t part with my daily bowl of cereal. I console myself by noting that I would miss my calcium allotment if I didn’t pair my milk with it every day. THanks for the post!
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