Focus on Fluff: Cloth Diaper Covers

cloth diaper covers

This post is part of the Focus on Fluff cloth diapering series. As I mentioned earlier in this series, there are a few cloth diapers that need covers to be completely leak-proof. Namely, the fitted diapers and prefolds. Thankfully, there are many effective (and cute!) diaper covers to choose from. There are two types of cloth diaper covers that are popular and redily available: wool and PUL. We will look at both of them in greater detail below... Wool Covers If you like using natural fibers, these covers may be for you. They are made out of 100% wool, which is water-resistant and Continue Reading

Preschool at Home: A is for Apple {Food Groups}

apple preschool theme

Preschool has officially started in the Mullinix household! I am going to attempt to share what we are doing, but will probably always be a week or so behind because that's just how I roll these days. ;-) Focus of the Week Letter - Aa Theme - Food Groups Learning the Letter Each week we are focusing on one letter of the alphabet. We work on letter recognition (both uppercase and lowercase) as well as the sound(s) it makes. We are not doing them in alphabetical order. I just chose one that goes along with the theme of the week. However, I did decide to do all the vowels first so we Continue Reading

Baby Led Weaning: Starting Solids with Real Food

baby led weaning

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that we recently began feeding Amelia solids using the baby led weaning method. (Or baby led feeding as I've also heard it called!) I have recieved a few questions about it, so I thought I would share a little bit more about it here on the blog. Deciding when and how to start your baby on solid foods is a personal and important decision for every parent. I did quite a lot of reading and research before we started our firstborn, Claire, on solid food. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that babies are ready to start solids any time Continue Reading

6 Books I Want to Finish Before the End of the Year

to-read list

September has always been a bit like January to me in that I tend to be making goals and planning quite a bit. I find it to be a good time to revisit my focus and intentions for the year. As I was doing this recently, I realized that I haven't made much of a dent in the book list I put together at the beginning of the year, so I have revised it a bit... Top 6 Books on My To-Read List Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Children with the Love of Jesus Housewife Theologian: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands The Continue Reading

Focus on Fluff: Prefold Cloth Diapers

prefold diapers

This post is part of the Focus on Fluff cloth diaper series. Also known as flat diapers, Prefolds are the original cloth diaper that our grandparents grew up with.  Most are made out of natural material, such as cotton or hemp. They require a fastener and water-proof cover. May be a good option for you if... Frugal is your middle name. Prefolds are inexpensive, even cheap, compared to other cloth diapers. They are the most economical option available. Laundry is not your favorite chore. They are simple to wash and dry very quickly, in the dryer or on a clothes Continue Reading

Focus on Fluff: Pocket Cloth Diapers

pocket diapers

Welcome back to the Focus on Fluff cloth diapering series! Today I'm discussing the Pocket Diaper, which is probably the most popular style of cloth diapers. These diapers are a two-piece system requiring an absorbent "stuffer" for the pocket of the diaper. They fasten with snaps or hook and loop (velcro). May be a good option for you if... Quick drying time is important to you. Like the AI2s, pocket diapers dry faster than AIOs, making them a popular alternative. Your baby is a heavy wetter. You can stuff several layers of inserts into the pockets for additional protection. The Continue Reading

The Last Thrive @ Home Thursday Link-Up + Pinterest Group Board Invitation

thrive at home thursday 1

The Thrive @ Home Thursday blog hop was created as a place for women in all seasons of life to encourage one another to thrive--not just survive--at home. In case you missed the announcement last week, this is the last Thrive @ Home Thursday link-up Amy and I will be hosting. However, it is our hope that this  community of uplifting fellowship and inspiration will continue to thrive though our Thrive @ Home group board on Pinterest. Instead of coming here on Thursdays to link-up, we invite you to join the Thrive @ Home group board where we can all pin our posts any time we want so everyone can Continue Reading

Focus on Fluff: Fitted Cloth Diapers

fitted diapers

This post is part of the Focus on Fluff cloth diaper series. Continuing in our exploration of the many cloth diaper styles, we will be looking at the popular fitted diaper today. Fitted cloth diapers are not waterproof and require a diaper cover. Most fasten with hook and loop (velcro) or snaps. Contours are fitted diapers that require pins or a Snappi. They come in a variety of material, including cotton, flannel, hemp, and bamboo. May be a good option for you if... Leaking is a worry. You get additional protection using a fitted diaper and a waterproof cover because you Continue Reading