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The Best Thing I’ve Purchased So Far This Year {Thrive @ Home Thursday}

Thrive at Home with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Happy Thursday, my fellow Thrivers! As you know, I'm a pretty frugal gal and I definitely don't promote products or services that I don't believe in. I strive to only share offers that I truly think would benefit you and would encourage and equip you to live called for the glory of God. So, with that said, I wanted to let you know about The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. If you're wondering how in the world you would utilize all of the resources The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle provides, check out the video below. It explains how can use the eBooks, printables and services throughout the … [Read more...]

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Feathering Our Nests for the Glory of God

Feather Your Nest for the Glory of God with The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Earlier this week I shared with you that I am learning to answer the call of ministry in the mundane.¬†Along with seeking God's direction through studying the Bible and praying each morning, I find that gleaning inspiration from others helps me avoid becoming too overwhelmed in performing the many tasks that come with being a wife, mother and homemaker. That is why I am so excited about this year's Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. In order to live for the glory of God, it is prudent for us to learn how to fulfill our callings to the best of our abilities. I believe The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle … [Read more...]

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Answering the Call to the Ministry of the Mundane

Answering the Called to the Ministry of the Mundane

Lately my days (and nights) have been filled with nursing a newborn, changing diapers, taming toddler tantrums, snuggling my girls and trying to maintain a clean enough home. Not to mention attempting to make time for my husband. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about maintaining a good attitude by cultivating a servant's heart. I will admit that I often struggle with this. I think the reason why is I forget that each of my responsibilities is a God-given calling. I fail to remember that every mundane moment of my day is ministry. When you look at the definition of the word mundane, it … [Read more...]

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How to Control Your Temper {Thrive @ Home Thursday}

How to Control Your Temper

Do you ever struggle to keep your temper under control in times of discord with your children or husband (or anyone else, for that matter). Here's something I've begun to do... My toddler is a little obsessed with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. She watches it almost every day and has just about all the songs memorized. One of songs is about taking a deep breath when you are upset. "When you get so mad that you want to ROAR, Take a deep breath and count to four." We've been using the deep breath method of calming down since before I had heard about Daniel Tiger. We count to … [Read more...]

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How to Maintain a Good Attitude {Thrive @ Home Thursday}

quick tip servanthood

Hello! So, tell me.... How have your feelings been toward your God-given responsibilities lately? I think maintaining a good attitude is something we all struggle with from time to time. So, that's what today's Quick Tip is about. While this can be difficult, especially when we're having a bad day, I believe a it is crucial to thriving at home. I really appreciated Kayse Pratt's suggestion of changing "have to" to "get to" when thinking or speaking of our responsibilities. It's amazing what a difference it makes! Need some more encouragement in this? Check out these … [Read more...]

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One Step Toward Stress-Free Housekeeping {Thrive @ Home Thursday}

quick tip clean smart

Happy Thursday! Now that it's officially Spring, I am SO ready for start some cleaning and organizing. What about you? Sometimes the thought of deep cleaning (or any housework) seems a little overwhelming. If you feel that way, today's quick tip is just for you! I'm sure you've heard the expression "work smart, not hard." Applying this motto to your housekeeping endeavors will make a huge different in the amount of housework you can accomplish, as well as help you avoid becoming an overwhelmed homemaker. Some of the ways you can clean smart is to determine cleaning standards for … [Read more...]

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8 Housekeeping Shortcuts That Keep Me Sane

housekeeping shortcuts

Last week I mentioned that I have recently modified my cleaning standards for our home. As a mama of little ones, I have also learned to take some shortcuts when it comes to housekeeping. Some of these has seriously saved my sanity at times. My Sanity-Saving Housekeeping Shortcuts 1. I DON'T Make Beds - Before kids, I used to make my bed every morning--complete with pretty throw pillows and all. Now I toss the blankets somewhat neatly over the bed and call it done. With the many (almost) sleepless nights I've had since becoming a mom, I take naps when I need them, so it seems pointless … [Read more...]

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Grace, The Gospel & Motherhood {Thrive @ Home Thursday}

quick tip grace children

This month all of our Quick Tips have been about GRACE. We've covered accepting God's grace, learning to give ourselves grace and extending grace to our husbands. Today we're on the subject of motherhood... I will admit that I struggle with this one quite a bit. Mainly because I struggle to find a balance between giving grace and making sure I'm training my daughter in the way she should go (Proverbs 22:6). As a mama, I try to provide loving instruction and teach her godly character. And I'm slowly learning how the message of the Gospel relates to parenting. I'm currently reading¬†Give … [Read more...]