3 Simple Steps to Toy Organization + Playroom Tour

organizing playroom

I have a love/hate relationship with my kids' toys. I appreciate the enjoyment they get out of playing with them, but really don't like the mess they make sometimes. While motherhood has helped me loosen up when it comes to housework, I still prefer a neat and tidy home. So, after living on our house for a little over a year, I decided to turn our extra bedroom into a playroom for the children. I has been a sanity saver for this mama. I love it! I thought I would share with you three quick tips for making toy organization fairly painless. You can do this when the kiddos are away or Continue Reading

How to Make Perfect Rice Every Time

perfect rice

We tend to fix rice for at least one meal a week in our home. It's great with fish, chicken stir-fry, korean rice dish, fried eggs, fajitas, etc. Basically, you can eat it with just about anything... Did you know there is a secret to making perfect rice every time? There is! Okay, I'm sure there is actually several different ways to make rice perfectly every time. This is how my mom taught me and how we cook it in our home. It's so easy! All you have to do is.... Bake it in the oven. Seriously. A simple ratio of 1 part rice + 2 parts water and baking it in a covered dish for Continue Reading

3 Things I Learned in January

what i learned jan 2015

Since I haven't had a chance to post much this month, I thought I would join Emily and several other bloggers and share what I learned this month. Who knows, I may decide to join in every month! ;-) What I Learned in January 2015 The Importance of S L O W. It is not my natural tendency to doing anything slow. I like to work fast, usually on multiple things at once. I've realized that this often causes me to do a mediocre job and is just plain stressful. So, I'm attempting to allow for larger margins of time between tasks and appointments to create a more peaceful atmosphere and heart Continue Reading

Kickin’ It Old School in 2015 {My Plans for This Year}


It's been quite awhile since I've had a quiet moment to sit down and write. I took an unexpected, but much needed, break from blogging the last couple of months of 2014 to focus in my family. During this time, I made a few decisions regarding my online ministry. I've decided to go back to "old school" blogging. For me, that means going back to what my blog used to be--more life sharing and personal reflections. While I still want my blog to minister to you, I realized that I was allowing it to overshadow parts of my personal life instead of reflecting it. If that makes any sense... So, Continue Reading

Free Gospel-Centered Christmas Curriculum for Young Children

gift of a savior free

Recently I've had quite a few emails and messages requesting the free Gift of a Savior curriculum I compiled last year for my Facebook followers. I am happy to say that I am offering it as a freebie for you all again this year! This curriculum was designed for my toddler/preschool Sunday School, but can be used for older children or family devotions. The study consists of five lesson plans to be used on a weekly basis through the month of December, with the first four being taught before Christmas and the last one after Christmas. If you wish, you can do them all before Christmas by Continue Reading

Barefoot in the Kitchen


I never wear shoes in the house. As fond as I am of cute shoes, I don't particularly enjoy wearing them. So I don't. My husband often teases me about my place in the home is being barefoot--pregnant or not--in the kitchen. Don't worry, ladies. He's totally joking. He probably spends just as much time in there as well. And he's usually barefoot too! But I digress... The other day I was cooking supper and was snickering about being barefoot in the kitchen like a good wife should be and then started thinking about other activities people do barefoot, which led me to think about God telling Continue Reading

How I Make Homemade Chicken Stock {Vlog}


Every time I mention on social media that I'm making chicken stock I get questions, so I figured I would post about it. Making homemade bone broth is so much healthier, not to mention more economical, than purchasing it from the store. Since I haven't been able to find a lot of time to write recently, I decided to involve the kids and make a video. As you will see, making homemade chicken broth is so easy my three year old can do it...with a little help, of course! Be sure to check out the step-by-step instructions below for a few details I forgot to mention in the video. ;-) 6 Continue Reading

Focus on Fluff: Cloth Diaper Covers

cloth diaper covers

This post is part of the Focus on Fluff cloth diapering series. As I mentioned earlier in this series, there are a few cloth diapers that need covers to be completely leak-proof. Namely, the fitted diapers and prefolds. Thankfully, there are many effective (and cute!) diaper covers to choose from. There are two types of cloth diaper covers that are popular and redily available: wool and PUL. We will look at both of them in greater detail below... Wool Covers If you like using natural fibers, these covers may be for you. They are made out of 100% wool, which is water-resistant and Continue Reading